Underfloor Heating Cornwall

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One of the latest trends we are seeing in properties is underfloor heating systems. There is good reason for this as underfloor heating covers a wide range surface area. You can usually operate underfloor heating at lower temperatures which should mean heating costs should be cheaper. 

You will find comfort also increases as heat is distributed evenly across your home. This obviously depends on how well your property is insulated.

The best thing about underfloor heating is the extra space you will gain by not having radiators. It also reduces the pipework needed around the house which is better for the environment.

Types of floor underfloor can be installed:

  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Carpets
Underfloor Heating Cornwall

Coming up with a plan

We can come up with plan that aims to provide the right level of heat for each room. Some areas such as under baths, showers etc won’t have underfloor heating which means they will have to be compensated in other areas of the house.

Have underfloor heating and radiators

Most of the time people spend their time downstairs so it might be cost effective to have underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs. The running costs are great which means customers / commercial customers love it. It doesn’t matter what type of property you have, Our experienced installers will have the expertise to provide an energy-efficient underfloor heating system

Preparation before your plumber arrives

efore your plumber arrives, the builder will carry out the following steps.

Insulation: The floor needs to be insulated and then we attach underfloor pipework to it via a staple gun.

Membrane: They will then fit a membrane to prevent screed slipping.

Expansion Strip: This absorbs any expansion from the screed.

Once this is complete, your plumber will arrive and install the underfloor heating to your requirements. 


What are the benefit of underfloor heated floor systems?

  • Pipework is hidden
  • Interior design is easier, no more radiators. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Improve home aesthetics
  • Heat is distributed evenly across the house
  • More efficient as run on lower temperatures
  • Silent to run
  • Non intrusive

How underfloor heating works

In case you were wandering how underfloor heating works, check out this video! Here is also a useful article: https://www.johnguest.com/speedfit/underfloor-heating/underfloor-heating-explained/what-is-ufh/

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