Outdoor tap fitting service Cornwall

The main reason why a homeowner would like an outdoor tap is simply because it’s more convenient than having a long hose pipe running through your house. With the tap being outside you will more likely be able to reach every part/corner of your garden with the same amount of pressure as you’ll get indoors. 

Another few reason why you might want to have an outdoor tap is simply because you will want to wash your car, fill up up a childrens paddling pool and even jet washing your garden slabs. Get in touch with a plumber if you can’t decide where to install your outdoor water tap.

Outdoor taps can be installed at the front or back of your house, usually on the exterior wall – you are not just limited to just one outdoor tap. Your outside tap is linked to your cold pipe which is located in the kitchen. 

Outside Water Tap

Why should you get your outdoor tap installed by a plumber?

Fitting an outdoor cold water supply tap to your outside wall can be quite a complex job which means you should get a plumber to install your outdoor tap. You should never tamper with your pipe work or water supply if you don’t know what you are doing.

You also need to make sure you are installing the tap in accordance with building regulations. This ensures your pipe / pipework does not get water contamination.

To ensure the job is done correctly I would recommend a qualified plumber.

Hot water outside external wall tap installation

One of the latest trends as plumbers we see these days is hot water outside tap installation. There are a few reasons why hot taps are becoming more popular. A lot of people are buying hot tubs such as Lay-z spa which needs to be heated up before you can use it – this saves time and money if you use the hot water tap. 

Hot water car washing is also quite popular as it gets rid of dirt quicker on the car. Whatever your reason a plumber can help install a hot water tap for you.

Your outside hot water tap will be linked to the nearest water source, usually under your kitchen sink. It will also need to adhere to the water regulations.

How long does it take to fit an outdoor tap?

You will find an outside tap wall installation to take 30-40 minutes. This includes reconnecting pipe work, fitting the tap and then sealing it off. Some jobs can take slightly longer depending on the complexity of the pipe work.

Meeting the regulations

If you are having an outside tap fitted you must make sure your installation complies with outside tap regulations. This helps ensure your tap is safe to use and any water you use is not contaminated. I would recommend a professional plumber to install this kind of work as they are experienced in all kinds of pipework. I recommend checking out https://www.checkatrade.com/Search/Plumber/in/Uk for registered plumbers.

Which type of tap should you use?

There are many types of taps to choose from which includes, basic brass, outdoor taps, double garden taps, chrome garden taps and stainless steel garden taps. You must ensure all taps meet the latest british standards before installing.

Outside Water Tap Installation

Keeping your outdoor tap from flooding the house

Many people fear that an outside wall tap might cause issues with flooding inside of the house. This shouldn’t happen if you hire a plumber.

If a professional plumber fits your outdoor tap, then more than likely they will be meeting british standards which means your outdoor should be safe to use.

If the tap is not fitted properly you run the risk of water backflow which will run into your property. Freezing taps can also be an issue in the winter months which you should always watch out for. I recommend an outdoor tap cover to help protect against this.

Best time to fit an outdoor wall tap

The best time to fit an outdoor tap is between January and September, however we can help fit a outdoor anytime of the year. Plumbers are usually busy between the September and December months.

Turning off your cold water mains / hot water mains supply before installation

Before your plumber turns up it’s recommended you make sure your stopcock / isolation valve is working before they come over. This is to cut off the flow of water and supply. This is so that the plumber can get on with your outdoor tap without delay.

Please remember that any outdoor pipework outside of the property is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions so make sure it is insulated. Once your plumber has installed your standard outside tap you can turn on the valve at the water source. Please remember to test out your valve at least once a year in case of an emergency. 

Also once your outdoor tap installation has finished to insulate your tap and copper pipework. Your plumber will recommend this going forward.

Benefits of an outdoor water tap

  • Washing down pets after a muddy walk
  • Watering the flowers without refilling the watering can
  • Washing the car
  • Cleaning bins
  • Washing exterior windows
  • Filling up a paddling pool
  • A hot water tap can fill up a hot tub
  • Saves the hassle of using a hose through your kitchen window / sink

Check out this great video of a plumber fitting an outside tap

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