Boiler Servicing Cornwall

To keep your boiler safe & efficient you should always service your boiler as this is the best way of reducing the chances of a breakdown. Not only will your boiler be maintained on a regular basis it will give you piece of mind. We service most if not all brands of boilers.


A leaking gas boiler can develop into a massive problem. Sometimes a leak can go undetected which means it can cause health problems i.e carbon monoxide which as you know can cause fatalities. By regularly keeping your boiler serviced should mean your boiler has a longer lifespan. Unfortunately boilers are not cheap to buy new!


We keep a lot of spare parts on standby so you can be assured that if your boiler needs any new parts, we’ll have the correct part on hand to service your boiler quickly.

On completion, A written CP12(gas) or CD11(oil) will be completed.


Emergencies: We can also come out to you if you have an emergency, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you.


Some things that are checked in a boiler service: 


  • Check all components are working as they should
  • Values are adjusted properly
  • Flues are unobstructed
  • All major components are working and cleaned.
  • Check to see if there are any working faults
  • Gas valve is adusted and make sure the burner is burning
  • Clean all casing surfaces
  • Properly seal back the casing
  • Combustion efficiency check
  • Replacement of consumable items such as oil nozzles, filters and hoses.

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