Bathroom Installations in Cornwall

Whatever your style and budget, Plumbers Cornwall can install the best looking bathroom for you. Plumbers Cornwall has many years of experience creating dream bathrooms for our customers.

We install modern bathrooms, traditional bathrooms, wetrooms and en suites. Plumbers Cornwall will help you every step of the way to create your dream bathroom.

As part of your bathroom installation in Cornwall we can advise you on tiles, mosaics, fabrics and colours. We have done this many times and can recommend best practices and popular trends.

We like to make creative use of space when coming up with a plan for your bathroom installation so we will plan carefully with you what we think will be best for your bathroom. You can be rest assured you will have a beautiful but functional bathoom.

Other things we will take in consideration are sanitaty ware, brassware and furniture selection. We will not overlook any minor detail when creating your perfect bathroom.

We also provide refurbmishments and repairs of bathroom units and showers as well.

Bathroom Installation Cornwall

Extensive range of suppliers

Plumbers Cornwall has a wide range of suppliers that covers a wide range of compemporary and modern styles across the world. If you would like to see what we can offer you feel free to reach out to us. We will delivery the best luxurious bathroom or wet room in Cornwall.

Initial Consultation

Simply get in touch to discuss your bathroom installation. We will go through with you your likes and dislikes including your budget. 

We will also provide a comprehensive survey outlining any issues that your bathroom may have. This is so the bathroom installer can observe these issues before/during work commences. We like to get things right the first time so this is an important step we must do.

What other features will your bathroom have?

We can add heated towel rails, floor and wall tiling and help with all of the electrical installations of your new bathroom. 

Another modern feature we can install in your new bathroom is underfloor heating. How great does that sound? This is what is known as a designer wet room. 

Our designers will make sure they will install a beautiful bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom Installation Cornwall

How long will my installation take to complete?

Usually a full bathroom can take up to two weeks. This includes electrical installation, plastering, tiling and product installation. It all depends on how big the bathroom is and what is required.

Will I have access to my toilet while the bathroom is being refitted?

Yes you will have access to your toilet – When the plumber has finished the working day, your toilet will be replumbed back in. Other facilities such as your bath or shower will not be available until the works are complete.

Even if your toilet is taken out, it will be plumbed back in at the end of the working day so you can use it.

Can I install a bathroom myself?

You certainly can install a bathroom yourself if you are confident in dealing with its electrics, plumbing, tiling and decorating. Unfortunately we’ve seen a few home diy jobs that have required our help to redo the bathroom installation. 

We would always recommend a professional bathroom fitter to carry out any installions.

Bathroom Installation Cornwall

Best time of year to re-do your bathroom?

We believe the best time to re-do your bathroom is between January and August. You can still get a bathroom fitted outside of these times, however they are at their busiest and the time can slightly longer to refit your bathroom.

What is a 3 piece bathroom suite?

A 3 piece bathroom suite usually consists of a bath, sink and a toilet with an optional shower. To be honest it’s really up to you what you would like in the bathroom and we are very flexible with any of your ideas.

Is electrical work in a bathroom needed?

We will recommend a few options on this. We often don’t think about the electics in the bathroom i.e shaving sockets, extractor fans and additional lighting.

One sink or two?

It’s personal preferance if you would like one or two sinks. It really is dependant on your own budgets.


Nearly 40% said they’d found a professional fitter themselves, rather than using a bathroom retailer’s service or a company recommended by the retailer.

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